Authentic Ayurveda Therapy


Ayurvedic Body marma therapy

invigorating reflex massage including head and feet​

Kalari massage

full body stretching therapy with deep tissue work​

Indian Head reflexology & foot reflexology​

good for deep relaxation

Ayurvedic foot reflexology

A time tested and trusted therapy on reflex points and meridians on the feet. It helps to improve immune system, relax and soothe the nervous system, balance the hormones and induce a deep feeling of relaxation. It heals different systems in the body through reflex points.


a deep healing and relaxing stream of oil poured on forehead when you relax on your back

Marma abhyanaga

with chakra work-A stimulating reflex work all over the body with work on meridians with relaxing work on chakras to help with sleep and stress – 55 mins


An anti-inflammatory body massage along with warm compressions with herbal bags. It helps with Chronic pain management- Pain indicates the build up of acids, free radicals, p-substances in musculo-skeletal system due to various reasons that affect metabolism, immune system, etc. At the Savoy spa the following range of treatments address the issue


Local application of cotton pads dipped in herbal oils on the painful area to relieve the pains. This is helpful with blocked energy and circulation, spasm where normal massage treatment cannot be applied. The herbalised oils and the marma technique get to the depth of the inflammation, n ease out the knots and inflammation. Heat and cold are used based on the acute/chronic stage of the problem. Useful in pain in neck, joints, sinuses, complaints of feet.

Local pooling of oil

for knee [janu basti]/lower back [kati basti],on abdomen- This involves local pooling of warm oil on the affected knee, and is left to absorb the toxins and soothe the pain. The area around the pooling of oil is worked with gentle tissue work. The oil is reheated and replaced periodically.