Alternative Holistic Therapy


Alternative Holistic Therapy

Individual Treatment of Alternative Holistic

Manipulative therapy

Hands on technique for deep tissue work and spinal stretches, stretches of various joints and muscles.

Manipulative therapy

to address long term repeated stress injury and short term acute injuries of musculo skeletal system. Included analysis of posture and gait and drawing treatment plan on problem area. Various methods of faradic, stretches, stimulation, dry needling are used. Spine is gently stretched. Sometimes adjustments are made in required conditions

Physical therapy

muscle energy techniques, deep tissue stimulation works are done to reduce inflammation and pain

Respiratory system

with the weather changes we often come across various complaints of cold, sinus, allergy, head aches, repeated chest infections, inflammations that would need a lot of attention. We offer the following to assist with the same


Sinus massage with oil n then with herbal bags, instilling herbal oils for sinuses, use of steam. This is useful in headaches, cold, sinus, allergic conditions

Abdominal massage with deep relaxing chakra work

on abdomen to soothe , warm compression with herbal bags [or cold compressions]

Weight management & anti cellulite treatment

change in body weight is one of the common traits of modern lifestyle. Our services offer lifestyle consultation with any of the following treatment

Degenerative musculo-skeletal issues

are well assisted with deep relaxing therapy to stimulate and ease the pains and aches through meridian work and use of heat and/or cold packs

Dry needling

based on ancient Chinese medicine, the trigger points are stimulated to delivere the nuro chemical transmitter to the target tissue to heal and reduce the pain

Deep relaxing myofascial release work with gentle tissue work

highly recommended for those people who are sensitive to massage and who have difficulty with posture, stress related pains and aches

Cranio-Sacral Therapy for adults and children

craniosacral system is a functioning physiological system comprising of cerbro spinal fluid, membranes that contain it, its bony attachments, and mechanisms that produce and reabsorb the cerebro spinal fluid. The treatment comprises of subtle, rhythmic mobile activity and induces deep restful sleep

Podikizhi for chest

warm herbal compressions for chest-useful in all walks of respiratory conditions. Best results are expected when followed with food and nutrition advise. The two treatments of local pooling of oil and warm compressions are combined for best results.

Digestion problems

they are significant complaints of lifestyle choices. they range from simple indigestion to lack of appetite, varied bowel movements, intolerance, indigestion, etc that interfere with absorption of nutrition, energy levels, healthy digestion. We offer the following to complement their treatments


to treat the colon to get rid of the built in toxins to release the cellulite and help with reducing retention and weight. It comprises two stages of treatments of Colonic irrigation with herbal infusions and then a retention enema to ease and soothe the systems and finish off with deep relaxing chakra balance work on feet, head, spine and abdomen

Hormonal balance

hormonal changes from the age of teens to sixties brings several complaints of metabolism ranging from acne, retention, peri menopausal, menstrual issues. We offer lifestyle consultation and deep chakra balancing therapy along with use of hot and cold packs to assist the effects of hormones on the body