Personalized Panchakarma Therapy


Ayurvedic Panchakarma

[individually tailored to address the relevant issue]

Panchakarma, a series of five healing actions, is a series of detoxifying, balancing and nourishing therapies performed over a series of 1, 3 or more days. Its known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness, healing, detoxing, rejuvenating. Panchakarma is recommended to anyone as part of their seasonal or yearly health maintenance, to offer complementary care for many acute and chronic discomforts. The following are some of the popular panchakarma programmes

Stress management

Stress is a part of our life, and it can be good if we can allow our perception to it to be positive. But often than not the built up of factors like lack or physical and emotional rest, repetition of the stress pattern in body and mind can lead to being exhausted and burnt out. We, at our Gita retreat offer invaluable services to help with tuning into the mind body spirit to allow the individuals to find time and space to work out the stress and get to a place of deep relaxation n perform with atmost efficacy and ease on day-to-day level of lifestyle • Applicable therapies are Shirodhara • Chakra body treatment • Ayurvedic reflexology for total body to help with deep relaxation

Panchakarma for Healing

long term stress from various walks of life and sources can leave the body and mind aspects disturbed and interfere with quality of life.

General detox

Ayurveda marma abhyanga with basti

Detox for skin

Marma Abhyanga- full body with aloe and herbs of turmeric, triphala or suitable alternative

Detox to aid digestion, nutrition

long term build up small episodes of indigestion for various reasons of habit, intolerance etc can be well looked after with a simple yet highly nutritious food and regime, colonics, digestive teas, etc.

Detox to aid hormonal balance

Hormonal imbalances cause a wide range of symptoms that could be simple and sometimes hard to manage. Ayurveda helps with understanding the root cause of effect of metabolism with the hormonal balance and help with balancing the hormones through retention enema, Ayurvedic reflexology and breathing exercises

Detox to aid respiration

alkalising food, cleansing herbs, Podikizhi, local pooling of oil on the lung area

Detox to aid sinus, cold

anti inflammatory tea, sinus massage, podikizhi of face, neck and shoulders, localised instillatio of oil for lubricating and detoxing the sinuses

Women’s well being

Through walks of different age, women’s health requires various care with food, nutrition, rest n body works. Gita retreat offers a comprehensive care to tailor make the treatments to suit women from all age group
• Applicable therapies are- Udvartana-anti cellulite herbal application n therapy for whole body
• Foot reflexology
• Kati Bast- oil pooling for lower back to soothe and relax lower back and pelvis

Pain management

muscloskeletal pains are treated with combination of holisitic Ayurveda along with physical therapy, manipulative therapy, myofascial release technique, cranio sacral therapy, chakra therapy, dry needling, faradics Complementary care for those who can’t have regular massage treatments- a series of myofascial release techniques and chakra work, Ayurvedic reflexology

Detox for hair

Hair treatment with suitable oil and herbal cleansers. Much beneficial in conditions of thinning, brittleness, itch, etc

Detox to regularise bowel movements

colonics to help with constipation, retention enema to help with irregular bowel movements are offered. A prior consultation to help with food, nutrition, digestion and absorption is helpful to learn the pattern of bowel movements and adjust the lifestyle

Detox to aid sleep

Suitable treatments are combination of Shirodhara, chakra work and reflexolgy

Detox to aid internal inflammation

Recommendations on alkalising food, nutrition, seasonal gentle cleansings, retention enema

Detox to aid menstruation

colonics and retention enema to help with regularising the menstruation and reducing the discomfort and tension. Abdominal massage, chakra work n Ayurvedic reflexology for abdomen, feet and palms

Detox to strengthen immune system

series of cleansing through food and regime, colonics and retention enema to help with successively eliminating the toxins from different levels of depth of their lodgement in the body to help with recovery of the immune strength